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Single mailbox recovery from the exchange database

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Single mailbox recovery from the exchange database


Dear Expert!


We are using Data Protector 6.20 with Exchange 2010 with SP3.


The DP sucessfully integrated with Exchange 2010 and able to make backup of Exchange database and single mailbox.


we are always making backup of exchange database to exchange recovery. Now, we want to restore the single mailbox from the exchange database backup.  How could we restore single mailbox from the database backup ?


The single mailbox backup was very slow to make backup of 2gb which takes 30-45 minutes. therefore, i did not continue to make single mail box backup and start to take full database backup.


Please share your expierience about to recover the single mailbox out of database and speed up backup of singlemail box.


Here are the below DP patches and detail attached for dp components for exchange!


Patch level         Patch description


DPWIN_00619         Core Component

DPWIN_00619         Core of Integrations component

DPWIN_00620         Disk Agent

DPWIN_00622         Media Agent

DPWIN_00611         User Interface

DPWIN_00583         Automatic Disaster Recovery Module

DPWIN_00617         English Documentation (Guides, Help)

Number of patches found: 7.

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Re: Single mailbox recovery from the exchange database

There was a whitepaper written for this


Although it was written for DP 6.11, I think that it is just as valid today, assuming Exchange 2007 is not too different than Exchange 2010


When you upgrade to DP 7, there is new functionality to do a Granular Recovery of a single mailbox from an Exchange database backup