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Send Mail de restore

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Send Mail de restore

I need a mail is send when a restoration is executed


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Re: Send Mail de restore

Hello,  Not sure what you mean. Please can you give more details. Regards, Stewart

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Re: Send Mail de restore

Hello, I need you every time a restore is run the report was triggered by email thank you

Eblyn Solis
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Re: Send Mail de restore



That option is not available.



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Re: Send Mail de restore

You may be able to write a post-exec script using the environment variable SESSIONID, but, I couldn't tell you how to send an e-mail from the command line in Windows, or how to script this


THe 'omnirpt' commands only give you the ability to generate most reports for backup, and, I guess that the 'single_session' report might work for you, but, it is a matter of gettign the session ID from the session into the 'omnirpt' command


Any way that you look at this, it is going to be difficult.  You may want to think about making an Enhancement REquest from this URL

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event