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SAP and Oracle Backup with HP Data Protector

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SAP and Oracle Backup with HP Data Protector

Hi all, I have to configure integration of online backup with Data Protector Cell Manager 6.11 verion on Windows and Oracle and SAP R / 3 on AIX Operating System

I have doubts about the licensing:

On some servers I have only SAP, Oracle I have on other servers, and other servers I have Oracle and SAP.

The licensing is per server? I need an online backup for each server in an active passive cluster?
If I have a server with Oracle and SAP, if I want to make a backup of Oracle and SAP online, with a license would suffice me?

Thank you very much
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Re: SAP and Oracle Backup with HP Data Protector

Hi Juan

AHP Data Protector On-line extension, for Unix or Windows/Linux, includes the license-to-use (LTU) to perform on-line backup of databases and applications running on the specified platform. Required per server, it does not matter how many databases are running on the system. Even if databases of different types are running on the same system, only one license is required. As a general rule, every system responsible for storing application data to be protected in an online state requires a Data Protector online extension.

If a system runs multiple partitions, this LTU is required for each partition.

In a cluster environment, each system participating in the cluster requires a LTU.

In an Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) each cluster node with an installed Application Agent requires one on-line license.