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Restore from Year End Backup tapes

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Restore from Year End Backup tapes



I am trying to restore a folder from backup from Year end backup tapes. Jan 2011.

I know the folder is there. I have exported and imported backup tapes serveral times but am still unable to restore the folder.

I have also imported the catalog after importing the tapes as foreign media after export.

It was showing the folder in restore view but now its not anymore.

Now when i check the tapes the content in the objects it differrent.

I have chnaged the protection still no luck.

As you can see in the screenshot backup time was 6/7th jan but why does the tape show content from 2008?

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Re: Restore from Year End Backup tapes

Your tape is showing as poor.  I have had issues what not being able to restore from poor tapes.  Switch it to good and it could work.


omnimm -reset_poor_medium (tape_name)