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Restart failed VE object

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Restart failed VE object

Hello All,


I was just wondering if there was a straightforward way to restart failed objects from a Virtual Environment backup.

When I right click on a filesystem backup I see the "Restart Failed Objects" options, but not on the VE backup.


Thanks for your help!

HPE Expert

Re: Restart failed VE object

I checked the VMware integration Guide, and did not see anything there that would prevent you from restarting a session, although they don't go into great detail


Usually, in the IDB context, you locate the session ID of the failed session, right-click on it, and pick Resume Session


or, from the comand line


    omnib -resume [session_id]     Do not include the [   ] marks

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Re: Restart failed VE object

Thanks for your reply,


That's where I am looking, in the IDB context, but the option is greyed.


One thing I just noticed: when i check the General tab for the backup, the status is still "In progress/Failures".

For context: one of the VM host had a problem during the backup and 2 objects failed (the ones I want to restart). So I guess the backup not ending properly has something to do with the situation.

I restarted the server to try and clear the ïn progress flag", but it didn't change.

I think this is what's preventing me from restarting those failed objects.


Any clue on how to clear the flag ?



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Re: Restart failed VE object

omnidbutil -clear did the trick, but I still can't restart failed objects on this session...
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Re: Restart failed VE object

You have to use latest versions of DP for this.This  restart failed objects available with latest versions. or you have to update the patch for the same.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event