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Remote server need to be added?

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Remote server need to be added?



One of the remote server which needs to be added in to the cell manager. 


We have 6.21 cell manager in one of the site. And only one server in a remote site. But the bandwdith with low between this 2 sites. 


I have pused the HPDP client from the cell manager server and tried to run the backup. But it is very slow.


Is there any idea, to take this server backup in a faster way.




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Re: Remote server need to be added?

You can try increasing the block size on your device.  You can also set the logging to Log Directories


If you are in a SAN, you can zone your tape device to see thsi server, and back it up locally instead of over the LAN


Check you LAN connections and make sure that you are using Full Duplex instead of AutoNegotiate


However, I think that, in the end, you just have a slow network. and, from a Data Protector perspective, there is really not much you can do about this


I have attached a doc with various things that you can do to speed up performance

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Re: Remote server need to be added?

well if you have a really slow connection, you could try to go for storeonce store and do deduplicated backups. you can from time to time do a full backup between those fulls, you could do source side deduplication to only send deduplicated data back to the storeonce store. but this requires advacend backup to disk licenses


what for a wan connection do you have between those two sides?