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Problem with Oracle Restore

Rune Millerjord
New Member.

Problem with Oracle Restore


I have recently started using DP 05.50 running on Windows 2k3, and yesterday was my first time to restore an Oracle Database running on Windows 2k3.

First I want to state that I am no expert on RMAN!

I have tried restoring to a point in time, before a user duplicated all tables.

I altered the database to status mounted, so noone used the database while I restored. After Dataprotector stated the restore was successfully ended, I tried opening the database. But I got an error stating my database needed recovery. After running recovery of the database it still is duplicated. During the recovery process my database is using archive-logs from after the point in time where the duplication happened.

What could I have done differently so my database got back to an earlier state?

Best regards

Rune Millerjord