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OmniBack II 3.5, Windows 2000 & disaster Recovery

Lee Russell
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OmniBack II 3.5, Windows 2000 & disaster Recovery

Does anyone know when or if HP Ominback II v 3.5 will support disaster recovery on windows 2000 platform.
Joseph T. Wycko
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Re: OmniBack II 3.5, Windows 2000 & disaster Recovery

I can't answer that, but let me give you one idea why this is an issue.

Currently our Enhanced Disaster Recovery uses (and presumes) an NT4 unattended installation.

As it is, this process is not too reliable - you should test it out for every server that you care about (i.e. all of your servers.)

NT has all sorts of little quirks (like not supporting FAT partitions greater than 4GB...) relating to the history of the platform (invalid or bios limits on cylinders, heads, sectors...) and so forth (can't boot from CD on some machines) that we can run afoul of - this must be tested on each machine in order to be relied upon.

Now add to that a few extra details like NTFS4 (from NT4) and NTFS5 (reparse points, etc.) are different, and the security model (i.e. active directory) changes - this could take a while before Enhanced Disaster Recovery becomes an option.

Having said that, I think you will find that Omniback does do a credible job of the backups. Just be sure (for your own sanity) to monitor the backups, and be a bit redundant, use the tools NT provides occasionally, keep researching the issues, and above all test your methodology.

You must always test and tune for your environment.

Good luck.
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...