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OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

Mavilde Anjos
New Member.

OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

Hello i'm installing a backup solution using OmniBack 3.10 on an Windows NT environment and having some trouble with that, here is a description of the problem:

When i try to install the clienton some NT4 systems e get the following error:

[Normal] Starting installation session at Quinta-feira, 1 de Junho de 2000

[Normal] Getting list of hosts for installation...

[Normal] Done.

[Normal] Expanding and checking hosts to be installed...

[Normal] Done.

[Normal] Checking if OmniBack is already installed on host ...

[Normal] Connecting to host ...

[Normal] Done.

[Normal] Installing OmniBack II bootstrap service on host

[Normal] Starting remote installation on host at
Quinta-feira, 1 de Junho de 2000 18:00:37...

[Critical] Setup did not connect to the
Installation Service in 120s...

[Normal] Installation session finished at Quinta-feira, 1 de Junho de 2000

meanwhile the installation service keeps running on the remote machine and about half an hour later the agent is totally installed and i can import it to the Cell Manager. Everytime i need to add components to this systems the same timeout happens, and then i have to import the client again to the Cell Manager, and most of the times it stops the Inet service on the client?!

I have connectivity to the cell manager i can ping the systems, access their shares, access them using Server Manager and user manager,etc

I have the DNS working fine, i resolve the name of the Cell Manager on the client and tha name of the client in the Cell Manager.

Some links are quite slow after i start to install the client, i have a Ping time of 10ms and after i start it grows to about 200 or 300ms. But, i had also this timeout problem in machines on the same lan where the ping time is always about 10ms.

I have no idea why this is happening, if it has something to do with Trust Relationships or Windows Domain Hierarchy?!? but i can access the shares on the machines, as i told before, the service OmniInet is installed and added to the registry...

One more thing, there is a firewall between the Cell Manager and the mentioned you know wich ports are necessary during installation

If you could give some help i'll really apreciate it!!!

Let me know if you need more information for troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance and regards,
Mavilde dos Anjos
Berlene Herren
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Re: OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

When pushing OmniBack client over slow WAN it can happen that it takes more than 120 seconds for setup to connect Installation Service.

Do you have SSPNT30_03 and SSPNT30_07 installed?

Mavilde Anjos
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Re: OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

sorry for the ignorance, but what's that SSPNT30_03 and SSPNT30_07?!

alberto vasquez
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Re: OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

Look to the Omniback 3.10 or 3.5 manuals for information about Omniback and firewalls.

You may be able to make all sorts of things work, but the burden is on you.

You can run the Omniback GUI one one side of the firewall, to control your cell server on the other side of the firewall fairly simply as it requires only one port, by default port 5555.

After that, you are pretty much on your own - you need to understand which ports Omniback uses, and in this case, which port NT to NT mechanisms use.

In this case I think you are running afoul of netbios/IPC/RPC kinds of ports. WINS/netbios name resolution may also be relevant.

Can you do a NET USE z: \servername.domain.comc$ password /user:domainuseraccount THROUGH THE FIREWALL? Both Ways?

When doing a PUSH installation we will need this kind of functionality. That is we copy some files over from the DEPOT NT server to the TARGET server using NT to NT mechanisms, start Omniback and then do the import...

In the UX world this is something like rexec and rcp...

Good luck.

-Joseph T. Wyckoff
alberto vasquez
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Re: OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

Also, since you mention a WAN consider doing the following things...

1. Install/update one agent at a time - this will perhaps reduce the demands we make on your WAN.

2. If you have not installed the TCPMaxDataRetransmissions registry hack on NT, consider doing so - You can find some info about this from Microsoft or from the response center. This is especially relevent if you are seeing messages with 'connection reset by peer' or 10054.

-Joseph Wyckoff
Mavilde dos Anj
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Re: OBII 3.1 on Windows NT - client installation problems

for the information on the Admin Guide it seems like we can not install the clients across a firewall :-(( i've seen that before, but found it quite strange, since firewalls are so much used, and it must be known wich ports are used during the installation or to be possible to define a range...following is the text from the admin guide:

"The only cross-firewall connection that is supported is the connection
between the OmniBack User Interface and the Cell Manager system. All
clients (running DA or MA) in the cell, as well as the Cell Manager
system, must be on the same side of the firewall.
Remote installation across the firewall is not supported." OBII 3.10 Admin Guide, Page 366

should i quit trying to install across the firewall and put the Cell Manager on the same side of the clients? Or perhaps install the clients manually?!

I've used the TCPMaxDataRetransmissions but just on the Cell Manager, i'll try to use it also on the clients.