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OB II v3.1 tape space checker

Anthony Nichols
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OB II v3.1 tape space checker

Is there a quick and easy command or home grown script which shows the total amount of tape space left in a library of tapes?

I got burned recently because there wasn't enought tape space left to perform a backup one night, so the system paused waiting for a mount of a new tape.

I am in the process of writing a script that figures out the average backup size for the last few days then compares that to how much tape space is left. It is starting to look ugly with lots of greps and awk, and I am not real good with either.

I was wondering if I missed a command that would easily provide this already, or if anyone else has already scripted this.
Andreas Voss
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Re: OB II v3.1 tape space checker


here my little script:

omnimm -list_pools|
awk '{
if($2=="POOLNAME1" || $2=="POOLNAME2 || ...)
printf("%ld MB free\n",total);}'

Select in the if statement the pools you want to examine.