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OB II and NFS problems

Craig A. Sharp
Regular Contributor.

OB II and NFS problems

I am trying to backup a system that has two nfs hard mounts from another system. I am able to see the data in the directories but I cannot get OB to backup the data.
I have tried a host backup and entered the directories. This did not work.
I have tried a filsystem backup, entered the directories and set the mount point to / and this also did not work and did backup anything.
I need to have all the data backup in one session.

Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor.

Re: OB II and NFS problems


you have to enter the NFS mount point manually within the OBII-GUI.
NFS mounts are not included within the / filesystem and not listed by the list button of the GUI.
Example NFS mount:
hp1:/data mounted on hp2:/data
Within the GUI type manually type for the moint point /data.