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NFS based File Library

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NFS based File Library

I am currently working on getting a Data Domain DD890 implemented on our existing Data Protector 6.11 installation, and I was wanting to know if it was at all possible to have the same file library accessible from multiple media agents? It's an NFS-based share, so there's nothing blocking this from working other than Data Protector itself. 


I was looking at implementing a File Library with Distributed Media Format enabled so that we can perform Virtual Full Backups, but it's starting to look like the File Library format is way too restrictive to be of much use. I'm hoping that I'm just missing something here, otherwise it looks like my best bet is to use the device as a standard SAN based VTL.

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Re: NFS based File Library

The best option is to just setup multiple file devices in the one library.

You can setup multiple libraries by mounting the share on multiple media servers.

I've only been able to get and average of 20MB/s between a 1Gb server disk agent to a 1Gb server running the media agent.