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Monthly backup setup

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Monthly backup setup



We are running DP A.06.20 on a Windows 2003 server. We do incremental backups Monday thru Saturday and a full backup on Sunday and we expire them after 8 weeks. To make things a little difficult we have a our month end on a Friday but not always the last Friday of the month. Sometime it's on the second last Friday. I do have a list of the dates.


What I would like to do is save the full backup that we make on the Sunday following month end on a seperate set of tapes for archiving. Currently our full backup resumes from where the previous day's incremental finished. In short I would like to do is to copy a given backup session to a seperate set of tapes.


Does anybody have any ideas on how to do something like this and willing to share.

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Re: Monthly backup setup

You would have to do one of 2 things, with the possibility of a 3rd


   - You would have to have a seperate backup for the media that you want to go to a seperate set of tapes, and, in the Destination tab, use a media pool set specifically for this type of backup

   - You would have to have a seperate backup for the media that you want to go to a seperate set of tapes, in the destination tab, choose Mirror to send a seperate set fo backup data to a different device. Again, you would need a seperate media pool for this

  - If you are backing up to disk you could do an Object Copy to tape, but, it does not look like you are backing up to disk


You may also want to un-automate this, and use 'omnirpt' to find out what media was used, and move it to a seperate media pool.  You would need to find out the session ID of the backup, and run


   omnirpt -report session_media -session [session_id] -log [path to output file]


so, for example


   omnirpt -report session_media -session 2014/03/12-1 -log c:\temp\12-1_media.txt


If you want it to look pretty, you can add '-html' argument, and give the filename a 'htm' extension


  omnirpt -report session_media -session 2014/03/12-1 -html -log c:\temp\12-1_media.htm


You can also run


   omnirpt -report used_media -timeframe [start] [duration/finish] -datalist [backup specification name] -tab -log c:\temp\12-1_media.txt


The '-tab' makes it suitable for import into Excell 


Let suppose that your backup is call Month End, the backup normally starts at 10pm, and takes 5 hours, and you want to check it for media used  Sunday, Feb 23


   omnirpt -report used_media -timeframe 2014/02/2309:45 2014/02/24 04:00 -datalist "Month End"

   -log c:\temp\Feb_mothend_media.txt  The " marks are needed because the backup specification has a 'space' in it (never a good idea)


This is configurable in the gUI to run automatically, but because the schedule can change, I favor running it interactively