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Media consistency Failed

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Occasional Contributor

Media consistency Failed


I have a problem with the media, I cannot format some tapes I receive errors and the same with the pools.

When I try to delete a Pool I receive an error: Internal error: DbaXXXX functions. 12:1201

I`ve checked the database with the below result.

There is a way to fix this?

Thank you!


C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin>omnidbcheck -extended
Check Level Mode Status
Database connection -connection OK
Schema consistency -schema_consistency OK
Datafiles consistency -verify_db_files OK
Database consistency -database_consistency OK
Media consistency -media_consistency Failed
SIBF(readability) -sibf OK
DCBF(presence and size) -bf OK
OMNIDC(consistency) -dc OK

HPE Expert

Re: Media consistency Failed

It looks like you have DP 8


If you have not already done so, contact the respone center, and get a couple of SSPs (Site-Specific Patches) which fix quite a few problems with DP 8.0, including this one:


Media consistency -media_consistency Failed

Occasional Contributor

Re: Media consistency Failed

Thanks for the answer, yes I have DP 8

I saw that there is patch released today DPWINBDL_00801.EXE, it`s a big one - 650MB

I will download it , make a backup, install it and we will see.

HPE Expert

Re: Media consistency Failed

Wow, I didn't even know about this


It seems to include something that addresses your issue


Change Request: QCCR2A46726
  The Data Protector Internal Database (IDB) reports the
  media inconsistency and the IDB backup fails with the
  following error message:
  omnidbcheck -media_consistency -detail

Occasional Contributor

Re: Media consistency Failed

Yes, exactly.


The patch solved my problem. It`s a big one, there are a lot of change requests in it.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event