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MSL 2024 Library drive showing IDLE

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MSL 2024 Library drive showing IDLE

Hi, I have MSL 2024 library with Ultrium 1840 drive FC drive and Data protector 6.0 . Some times the drive showing idle and not able to take backup. In the dataprotector , when I scan it is showing "cannot load exchanger medim , the target drive is busy." When I checked the drive one media is there inside the drive. I have manually moved the media from the drive.Then it will work fine. Again next day same problem happens.One more library is having same problem.Please give me a solution.
Curtis Ballard
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Re: MSL 2024 Library drive showing IDLE

That is a common problem and if you check the DP forum you will see lots of discussion around "cannot load exchanger medium". You can avoid the error by changing the busy drive handling to unload instead of the default abort and then DP will automatically unload the tape from the drive and complete the backup. The real solution though is finding out what is causing a tape to be left in the drive. Clues to that are usually in the logs from the previous backup.