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List of Unknown tapes in command line

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List of Unknown tapes in command line

Hi there,


Does anybody know a command to list the tapes that have unknown format ?


In the graphic environment if I go to Devices & media -> devices -> libName -> slots


I can see tapes that have format unknown. Those tapes appear with a question mark and they have to be scanned so they are detected with format Data protector and they can be used.


What I want to do is scan those tapes using command line but to do so first I need the list of unknown tapes.


I tried omnirpt -report -media_list but it doesn't show the format field.


Any ideas ?


Thanks :)

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Re: List of Unknown tapes in command line

The command line to list library slots is:


 # omnimm -repository "My Library"


Slot [side]                           Medium                                    Medium Label (ID)
1                                        Data Protector                           [ML8771L4] Free LTO_5
2                                        Data Protector foreign               [ML8762L4]
3                                        Data Protector                           [ML8761L4] ML8761L4
4                                        Data Protector                           [ML8767L4] Free LTO_6
5                                        Data Protector                           [ML8768L4] Free LTO_7
6                                        Data Protector                           [ML8769L4] Default LTO-Ultrium_23
7                                        Data Protector                           [ML8772L4] Default LTO-Ultrium_27
8                                        Data Protector                           [ML8773L4] ML8773L4                     
9                                        Empty
10                                      Data Protector                           [ML8775L4] Default LTO-Ultrium_28


You can filter the Unknown tapes from the above output by using Grep command on Unix or Find command on Windows








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Re: List of Unknown tapes in command line

If your tape library has Barcode reader support, you can run


     omnimm -repository_barcode_scan "Library Name"


which will return something lile


Slot [side]                                        Medium type             Medium Label (ID)
1                                                              Data Protector          [XLN601L2] XLN601L2
2                                                              Blank                               [XLN602L2]
3                                                              Blank                               [XLN603L2]
4                                                              Blank                               [XLN604L2]
5                                                              Blank                               [XLN605L2]
6                                                              Blank                               [XLN606L2]
7                                                             Cleaning tape              [CLNU00L1]
Final report: 7 cartridges out of 7 successfully scanned.


Redirect the output to a file, and, on UNIX, 'grep' for Blank' or 'Unknown', in Notepad, you need to physically identify the media


In a situation like this, native DP probably does not have the Granularity that you are looking for

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Re: List of Unknown tapes in command line

You must have an underlying problem that is causing this to happen in the first place because it's not normal for Data Protector tape to come us as blank when they are not.


How often is this happening?



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Re: List of Unknown tapes in command line

Thank you Juanjo, the omnimm -repository works like a charm :D


Thanks Bob Clark, I was also looking for the barcode scan in command line some time ago, great info :)


Jruffer, it happens quite often but the tape movement in and out is quite high, anyway that is not my job, hardware tech are already looking into it to fix it.


In the meantime I'm trying to make things a bit easier with some scripting and the DP commands :)


Thanks everybody for your replies.