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Keystore corrupted following upgrade to 6.20

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Keystore corrupted following upgrade to 6.20



Just thought I'd post this following a successful result from HP Support:


I have a clustered Cell Manager running W2K3 in 32-bit mode, and upgraded Data Protector from 6.11 to 6.20 last week, applying latest patches as well.


Following the upgrade, all appeared okay until the next IDB backup, which crashed with the message:



From: "[Database]:" Time: 16/11/2011 12:34:20

[81:528] Key Store Database corrupted ==> backup aborted!

Please run omnidbcheck to check database.


Running omnidbcheck -keystore returned the result "Keystore corrupt."


I logged a call with Support, who asked questions regarding platform, patch levels, etc., but also asked me to supply the output from the commands


omnikeytool -export CSVfile -all




omnikeytool -list -active


Following HP's evaluation of the CSVfile (I actually called it that) and related output, I was advised to complete the following steps, which proved successful:


  1. Make a backup of the db40 folder;
  2. Place the CSVfile in the folder omniback\config\server\import\keys;
  3. Delete the files in the folder omniback\db40\keystore;
  4. From the command line, run omnikeytool -import CSVfile - the output from this command must be "Key(s) successfully imported."
  5. Next, run omnidbcheck -keystore - the result should be the normal completion message "Done!"

Subsequent IDB backups have completed successfully, and (with thanks to Ronald in Support) the problem has been resolved.


If anyone has faced similar issues, this may be a place to start - however not all environments are the same, so if in doubt, log a support call.









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Re: Keystore corrupted following upgrade to 6.20

I've seen this issue during upgrades and migrations of Windows CS. Sometimes the permissions to the keystore file/directory are wrong on the destination system. Correct them and you're ready to go.

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Re: Keystore corrupted following upgrade to 6.20

And on we go...

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