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Installing DP Agent On Linux Using

Chris Stevens_1
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Installing DP Agent On Linux Using

Ran the install and got the following message -

fast-srv108:~/packages/hp/LOCAL_INSTALL # ./ -server fdhfs01 -install da

Data Protector version A.05.50 found

Client detected, installed packets: da

Packets going to be (re)installed: omnicf da

Unpacking selected packets from CD, please wait (5-10 minutes)...

Unpacking complete!

Installing Core (omnicf)...

Data Protector Software package successfully installed

Installing Disk Agent (da)...

Data Protector Software package successfully installed

Importing client to fdhfs01...

[12:1625] Import host failed.

System error: [10061] Connection refused

Installation/Upgrade session finished.

fast-srv108:~/packages/hp/LOCAL_INSTALL #

Scott McIntosh_
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Re: Installing DP Agent On Linux Using

Would seem the name of the cell manager is incorrect, or the cell is not using the default 5555 inet port?

Make sure to restart xinetd on the client manually (service xinetd restart) and then retry the import on the cell manager (omnicc -import_host ).

First vi cell_info on the cell manager and make sure it doesn't complain of an imcomplete last line. If does, resave the file and exit. Otherwise, just exit.

HP Support
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Re: Installing DP Agent On Linux Using



Yo tambien esto instalando el agente en mi servidor manualmente, este ya fue realizado, y estos fueron los que instalo:



En el momento en que voy a realizar la importación en el Cell Manager me gerena un error:



[12:1625] Import host failed.


The host information cannot be added/updated in the Cell Manager configuration file.


* Please check that the Data Protector services on the Cell Manager computer are running.
* Also check that Data Protector Inet service on the remote computer is running
  (use: telnet <remote computer> 5555 to see if the service responds).
* Make sure that the remote client is not already part of another cell.
  Afterwards use Data Protector GUI or omnicc -import_host command to manually import  
  the client to the selected Cell Manager.
* On NetWare make sure Data Protector directory structure is created properly
  (check that directory SYS:USR\OMNI\CONFIG\CLIENT exists) or check that
  localhost ( entry exists in SYS:ETC\HOSTS file for servers
  not using DNS IP address resolution.


No se si se deba a que instalo el OB2-MA-A.07.00-1, si es así como puedo corregirlo para que me deje importarlo.







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Re: Installing DP Agent On Linux Using

it looks like the installation on the client was successfull. "just" import into the cell server did not work. so you can try to import the client from cell server (open dp gui, clients -> import client).

name resolution has to work in dp environment between cell server and client

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Re: Installing DP Agent On Linux Using

Can you send me the detail error message and whatever command u hv executed ?

Also mention CM server: Windows/Linux

Chanchal Haldar
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Re: Installing DP Agent On Linux Using

please share the details of steps you have gone through..
and try to go through following steps.
1. install CORE,DA, MA packages on client.
2. make entry of CM on client and vice versa.
3. check name resolution from both side (ping via hostname).
3 check in /etc/services whether Port 5555 is free or not, normally it is used by system personal agent-- if already in use then mark it as #.
4. make one entry in /etc/services --- omni tcp/5555 #Data protecor.
5. check telnet on port 5555 from CM to client and vice -versa.
6. now import host if all above steps are working fine.

all the best.