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Import and Install DP Agent

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Antonio Arana
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Import and Install DP Agent


Previously I had installed DP 6.1 on Windows 2003. Now I have installed DP 6.2 on windows 2008. now I have trouble importing the exchange server. 5555 telnet does not respond, nor I can import, but the agent is installed on the server.


I manually added the client in the server configuration cell_info  file but I get error IPC.


I uninstalled the agent from the client and then import it installed but not working.


Please Help me





if i try to import



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Re: Import and Install DP Agent

Make sure that the agent responds locally on the client. Try telnet localhost 5555 on the client. If it works, you have a network issue like a firewall/DNS. If it fails, the client is down or not correctly installed. You might try a "local installation" using setup.exe from \\installation-server\omniback\i386 directory. "Run as administrator" to prevent possible issues caused by UAC.

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Antonio Arana
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Re: Import and Install DP Agent

Thank you.... is done.