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How to enable full access between UI (windows) & CM (HP-UX)?

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How to enable full access between UI (windows) & CM (HP-UX)?


I installed DP 8.0 CM on HP-UX 11.31. The User Interface i installed on my Windows could not connect to it.


Please show me which config file and how i should amend the configuration file at the CM to allow full access for the UI to connect to the CM.



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Re: How to enable full access between UI (windows) & CM (HP-UX)?

This is, most likely, a hostname resolution issue.  On your cell manager, edit the file




and, temporarily add a line


"*" "*" "*" * "admin"


There is one 'space' between each field.  Save the file, and see if the GUI will connect.  If it does, exit the GUI, change the user list file to add the Fully-qualified domain name of your Windows system in the 4th field, which is the * without the " marks, for example


"*" "*" "*" "admin"


Save the file, see if you can connect.  If not, on the Windows server, edit the file


  Windows -> system32 -> drivers -> etc -> hosts


to add teh IP address and hostname of your cell manager, for example


save the file, and try to connect again

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Re: How to enable full access between UI (windows) & CM (HP-UX)?

Refer to your other post. Most likely /etc/opt/omni/server/users/UserList is not correct. But also check my other recommendations.




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