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HP Data Protector restore problem

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HP Data Protector restore problem

Hello All,


I have problems with some restore sessions on our HPDP 8.0 and I need your advice.

For some sessions the folders tree is gray and I cannot browse or restore from that session. Is not for all sessions, but only from time to time for some sessions.

This problem appears after a migration from a server to other (same OS) and upgrade from version 6 to version 8.

I dont` know if is related or are other problems with the database.

Please see also attached file.

There is no error messages for the session, the session is complete without any errors.

There is a way to repair/solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Re: HP Data Protector restore problem

from DP online help:


By default, when you select a whole directory, only directories and/or files from the last backup session are selected for restore. Directories and files in the same tree structure that have not been backed up in the same backup session are shaded.


You might want to select a different session, or better browse objects if you want to restore those underlying directories.

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Re: HP Data Protector restore problem

after I`ve imported the catalog the folder tree was available.

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Re: HP Data Protector restore problem

I'm glad you were able to discover the cause for this.  When you see what you are seeing in the screenshot you sent, it means that there is no catalog of teh backup.  This can be caused by:


 - letting the Protection expire on the Backup session

 - Backing up with Protection set to None


The only way to recover from this is to either Export/Import the media, or, as you did, Import the Catalog


This may allow you to restore, but, the Daily Maintenance, which runs at noon each day, will see an uprotected session, and delete teh catalog to save on disk space.  After Importing, if you are not totally done with this session, you should set your protection to a higher value, or Permanent, it can be recycled later