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HP Data Protector Tape encryption


HP Data Protector Tape encryption

how encryption module works in DP 7.0 ?
How to add encryption to backup tapes ?
Can anybody help me to understnad this concept !



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Re: HP Data Protector Tape encryption

Is license required for this ?

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Re: HP Data Protector Tape encryption

if you use tape based encryption, no license is needed


maybe a good starting point is the dp 7.0 concept pdf file. back in dp 6.0 there was an encryption whitepaper i remember, but for newer versions, i havent found that...

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Re: HP Data Protector Tape encryption

I would suggest that in the GUI, you click on Help -> Help Topics, and search for Encryption, there is a lot of stuff there


Andre is right, for Drive-based encryption, there is no license required.  If you want to encrypt the data before it gets to the tape drive, you would need to purchase a Encryption license


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