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Exchange object copy failure

Stefano Colombo
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Exchange object copy failure

We have a problem trying to copy objects for an exchange backup from disk to Tape.


We run a Full backup to disk on saturdays and created an "object copy" job for the saturday's full backup on monday.

But when the object copy job runs on monday we get the error that no object to backup has been found .


We run DP7.01

The Copy object job has been configured with the following :

-backup specification : the saturday full backup job

-objects : include only protected objects , relative time 96h duration 24h


has anyone any idea how can we fix it ?





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Re: Exchange object copy failure

Before the Object Copy runs, find the session ID from the Saturday backup, from the command prompt on the cell maanger


        omnidb -session [session_id] -detail                 Don't include the [   ] symbols


and see that the object is still protected at the time of the Object Copy


From your symptoms, it sounds to my like the catalog generated during the backup was removed before the Object Copy was done


I don't know if it is feasable, but, you may want to consider using a Post-Backup object copy to do it right away