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Error message: Cannot connect to CM

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Error message: Cannot connect to CM



DP 8.0 is running on HP-UX on vPAR 6.0 on Integrity BL890 ic4 npaR. I installed UI on a Windows7 PC. When connecting i get the following error message below and as attached:


"Connection to CRS failed.

To start the DP daemons on the CM host use the command omnisv -start on the CM

or check if the communication between the CM and client is encrypted with the command

omnicc -encryption -status  -all on the CM".


I did all what i could by disabling encryption and by allowing access from ANY to ANY, but still i could not connect.

Please help!




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Re: Error message: Cannot connect to CM

Is your client able to resolve the CM FQDN properly and are you running a DP A.08.00 GUI? Have you added an entry to the /etc/opt/omni/server/users/UserList for your client and user?


Point a web browser to the following site https://<cm-hostname>:7116

It will ask whether it is allowed to continue, then a click on the certificate symbol just before or after the address bar, will show you the certificate. This way you can see whether the certificate is expired




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