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Deleting components in Omniback

Mavilde dos Anj
Frequent Contributor.

Deleting components in Omniback

this must look some silly question, but, how do we delete components from a client in Omniback NT?
i can add components to a client, but if later i want to delete that component there's no way to do that?! Just deleting the client installing again without adding the component..

Joseph T. Wycko
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Deleting components in Omniback

To my knowledge there isn't a way to simply delete one component.

This might be particularly troublesome for your installation/depot server or for an SQL installation (where you later decide to upgrade from SQL 6.5 to SQL 7.0.)

There is a file cell_info on the cell server which lists which agents are installed per host - as far as the Omniback cell knows.

You could edit out references from this file so that Omniback doesn't report the presence of a given agent.

This does not really remove any of the software, however, and so is fairly incomplete.

Also there may be issues with this method.

A more supportable (if inconvenient) way to do this would be to uninstall Omniback, delete any remaining Omniback files, and finally re-install Omniback with only the agents you want to keep.

With luck this uninstall/delete/reinstall will only take you about 15 minutes. (More over a Wide Area Network, of course...)
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