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December 23 DP Patch Bundle

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December 23 DP Patch Bundle

Also known as DPWINBDL_00621/A.06.20 [b621]


I work with an extremely large DP environment, 10 cells / Mom / Multi-pathing multiple enterprise libraries. After deploying the above patch bundle to the environment I have 3 outstanding issues. If anyone has resolved these please reply with the document ID number KMxxxxxx.


1) After deployment multipatthing removed. Checkbox unchecked, server names and paths removed from second tab. When reconfiguring, checking the multi-pathing box, adding servers and scsi path and clicking the set and save. Upon re-opening configured drive, multi-pathing unchecked again.


2) After upgrade when right clicking an empty slot to select enter (move tapes from load port to empty slot), enter and eject are grayed out in the menue and do not apear anymore after upgrade. I can delete the empty slot and re-add it still grayed out. I can scan the slot still grayed out.


3) After upgrade my jobs licensed and configured for encryption no longer work. Keystore is empty, adding, modifying, listing no longer function. cannot reconfigure from scratch return a database error.


I will be openeing ticket but just wondered if someone had resolution, knowledgebase article number. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: December 23 DP Patch Bundle

Point 1 and 2 are resolved by an quick fix available from HP support. (QCCR2A35525) I'm not aware of third issue, rise an incident for it if nobody else replies.

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Re: December 23 DP Patch Bundle

Thanks for that reference #.I have had a call logged for 3 weeks and they have failed to mention this.