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Data Protectro 8.1 support of lower generation DP agents

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Data Protectro 8.1 support of lower generation DP agents

Hello guys,


we are planning to upgrade Data Protector cell manager from 7.03 to 8.1 version.

However, in our environent there are many various versions of integrations:

VMware vCenter 5.5

Oracle 10, 11

SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012

Some of these integrations are not supported by v8.1, i.e. SQL Server 2000, Oracle 10 (on W2K3 32-bit)


My question - can I upgrade Cell manager and some agents to 8.1 version and on some clients leave v7.03 (for Oracle and SQL servers). Does such configuration won't conflict with each other?

Has someone tested this?


Thank you in advance for your advises!

Best Regards,
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Re: Data Protectro 8.1 support of lower generation DP agents

Hello Rolandas


This is not supported, well for to be exact yes it is so if you have any issue from support we will request to you upgrade client as first approach.


Support for earlier agent versions
Wherever possible, Data Protector components on all clients in a Data Protector cell should be upgraded to version 8.10 during the regular upgrade process. This ensures that customers can benefit from the full feature set of Data Protector 8.10 on all systems in a cell.
Nevertheless, Disk Agent and Media Agent components of an earlier Data Protector version (6.20, 7.00, or 8.00) are supported in a 8.10 cell with the following constraints:


The earlier product version is still supported by HP as an independent product. To check the announced end-of-support dates for HP products, see the webpage
Support is limited to the feature set of the earlier Data Protector version.
If you are performing operations involving clients on different systems, all agents of the same type (for example Media Agents) must be of the same version.
Earlier Media Agent component versions are not supported in combination with NDMP servers.
If one Data Protector component on a client is upgraded to 8.10, all other components have to be upgraded to 8.10 as well.
If you encounter problems establishing a connection with agents of an earlier product version, consider upgrading to 8.10 as the first resolution step.