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Data Protector Upgrade and Domain Change

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Data Protector Upgrade and Domain Change

I have been tasked with changing the domain membership of our Data Protector server, however on top of that we need to upgrade DP 5.5 to 6 in order to support exchange 2007 backups.

I have looked at other threads regarding settings etc that need to be amended in DP once the domain is changed, But was wondering what would be the best way to approach this, as i see 3 options

1 Upgrade to 6, then change domain
2 change domain on 5.5, then upgrade to 6
3 build a new server with 5.5 in new domain, then import old DB and datalists etc, then upgrade to 6

can i run clients with 5.5 installed in the 6 cell until and run an upgrade from the installation server using the GUI?

any ideas would be great

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Re: Data Protector Upgrade and Domain Change

Hi Mike

I can recommen yuo options one or two is the same, so fater change domain name you should change the owner of catalog database, you be able to do it with command.

omnidbutil â change_cell_name.

And yes HP support clients 5.5 into one cell 6.0 so is very high recommend to have the same version.

You be able to run upgrade session for all client with two exceptions

1º Cluster nodes should be update locally.
2º Upgrade clients into DMZ is not supported. should be update locally.
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Re: Data Protector Upgrade and Domain Change

You can use clients with 5.5 in 6.0 Cell Managers, you may have problems with accounts and passwords if the domain changes.

You can build a new CM and import clients and catalaog database (5.5) then upgrade the database.

I will prefer install in a test lab and do renaming to see what happens.