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Data Protector - Support Tip - StoreOnce error

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Data Protector - Support Tip - StoreOnce error

During a Store Once Deduplication backup the following error is produced:

[Major] From:"Backup a Disco_gw1 [GW 17718:0]" Time: 19/04/2012 17:02:23
Cannot open device (StoreOnce error: The object store is not ready)


The StoreOnce environment has become corrupted.


Workaround / Fix

When there is a problem with StoreOnce, a file named 's.bad_integrity' is created. Deleting this file does not actually fix anything, but can help overcome one-time errors that don't affect the integrity of the store

The path to this file is unique to each installation, so, it would probably be necessary to do a Search for the filename on the StoreOnce media agent


On the StoreOnce Media Agent, stop the "Data Protector StoreOnce" service

Delete the s.bad_integrity file and restart the "Data Protector StoreOnceSoftware" service


1) What is the purpose of the s.bad_integrity file?

This file is used by the StoreOnceSoftware service to log critical errors that have put a store in an unusable state for the time being. As long as the file is present in a store, that store cannot start.

2) Is there any useful information in the s.bad_integrity file that can be used for troubleshooting?

The file contains a description of the last fatal error that affected the store. This error can help support engineers in understanding the nature of the problem to some degree. The error can also be used as a proxy to understand if a given StoreOnce fix can help or not. A number of different errors can lead to the creation of this file, and only the contents of the file can speak to the exact cause.

3) Are there any risks regarding the deletion of the s.bad_integrity file?

There are no real risks in deleting the file. However, at least noting the nature of the error contained in the file and its date of occurrence can help us understand if the problem was caused by a rare sequence of events that are unlikely to recur, or by a bug that can show itself multiple times.

Eblyn Solis
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Re: Data Protector - Support Tip - StoreOnce error

Hi bob,


I had similar problem,


the problem is one storage is down or stopped.




I fix the problem on this link:



Regards  and thanks for your valuable input.


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