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Data Protector - Support Tip - DP 6.x and 7.x IDB problems - Files needed

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Data Protector - Support Tip - DP 6.x and 7.x IDB problems - Files needed

When faced with an error that starts with the error code [61:4039] during a backup session, or other errors that seem to indicate a problem with the Internal Database, you may be able to save yourself some time, or even solve the problem yourself by going through some simple diagnostic testing.


First, the [61:4039] error will often tell you what the problem is, for example, something like “No more Space for Filenames”, or, will just tell you to review the ‘debug.log’ file for details.  Make a note of the time of the error,  The debug.log file can be found


Windows 2008

               Program Data -> Omniback -> Log -> debug.log

Windows 2003

               Program Files -> Omniback -> Log -> debug.log


Match up the entry in the debug.log file with the time of the error, and, when you open a case with the response center, you’ll have this information to provide



These are all commands that must be run from the MS-DOS prompt on the cell Manager. You may choose to re-direct the out to a file for review by using the “> filename.txt” operator


               cd \Program Files\Omniback\bin
               omnidbutil –info

This will identify the amount of fragmentation in the iDB.  Use the ratio between Records Used vs Records Total should be as close to 100% as possible, at a minimum, 90%.  If the ratio is lower, plans should be made to purge the IDB by running a ‘writedb/readdb’


               omnidbutil –extendinfo


Use this to check to see if any table spaces are getting full.  Each category has “Maximum Size” and a “Current size”, and will possibly list extensions.  If the Current Size is equal or close to the Maximum Size, you will get an IDB error, and will need to create a Tablespace Extension

The Tablespace names are in the line “Base File” for each tablespace. Tablespace extensions can be created in the GUI, in the Internal Database -> Usage area, by right-clicking on Database Tablespace Extensions, clicking on “Add Database Tablepace Extension File”.


Scroll down in the field “Type” until you find the type of Tablespace that you want to extend, select it, and click Finish without changing anything else


If your Database does not look too fragmented, and none of the tablespaces are full, the next step is to run


               omnidbcheck -extended  


This MUST be run when there is no Data Protector activity going on, or, you will get false readings.  All categories should return OK, if not,  detailed reports can be found at:


Windows 2008

               Program Data -> Omniback -> log -> Server

Windows 2003

               Program Files -> Omniback -> log -> Server


Where you will see the files:









The ‘omnidbutil’ output and the ‘omnidbcheck’ files are things that always should be prepared to be sent to the response center in cases of IDB issues with DP 6.x and DP 7.x