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Data Protector - NTFS Journal ¿Problems?

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Data Protector - NTFS Journal ¿Problems?

Hi Dear,



Someone knows any inconvenience you may have between protecting data, incremental backup and the number of files on a NTFS file system? precisely with the journal ...?

I need to modify a schedule of a backup is currently full but I want to be incremental and I am evaluating various scenarios.



thank you very much!

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Re: Data Protector - NTFS Journal ¿Problems?

Any restrictions from a Data Protector perspective, you can review the Product Announcements document for your version of Data Protector


I can see only some Enhanced incremental restrictions


Each new enhanced incremental database can support a maximum of 40 billion files per

mount point and a maximum of 40 million files per directory.

The maximum memory consumption is determined by the largest number of files within one

single directory. The approximate maximum memory consumption is 130 MB per 1 million

files within one directory.

Data Protector supports enhanced incremental backup of the following number of files per


On HP-UX systems: 5 million files

On Linux (32-bit) systems: 5 million files

On Windows (32-bit): 10 million files


There is nothing mentioned about NTFS Journal

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Re: Data Protector - NTFS Journal ¿Problems?

I'm guessing that you're asking about the Change Journal. 


"Use native Filesystem Change Log Provider if available.

If this option is selected, the enhanced or conventional incremental backup will be performed using the Windows NTFS Change Log Provider if it is available. In such a case, a Windows Change Journal will be used to generate a list of files that have been modified since the last full backup and a file tree walk will not be performed"


I have tried using this in the past but found that for large file systems the management of the journal was far too cumbersome and I preferred to use the Data Protector in-build log.  Unfortunately, this creates thousands of very small files in the install directory of the DP client.  Because of the default block size of NTFS (4K) this caused a small DP log to take a large amount of disk space, ie 200MB of log files took up ~1.5GB of disk.  So the best idea is to install the DP client on a disk with sufficient space (not C:).


Hope this helps.



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