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Data Protector IDB

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Darren Etheridg
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Data Protector IDB

Can anyone tell me the procedures/commands to export the Data Protector Database to a file, delete the IDB and re import the data back into the database. My IDB is very fragmented and I would like to resolve this problem.

THank you!

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Re: Data Protector IDB

time depends on disk , server performance and DB size

These commands need exclusive access to the DB so no DP GUI and no backup/copy sessions can run , to do this easily do an omnisv -stop / omnisv -start/ note the FQN of cellmanger in the GUI for step 11

1. Take a backup on tape of the DB on a separate tape and a copy on disk ( stop services before coping the omniback directory)

2. D:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\omnidbcheck.exe -extended everything should be OK -> can take easily 10 hours
3. D:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\omnidb.exe -strip -> around 1 hour

Notes about the command used:

Omnidb -strip This option works in three different ways. If sessionID is
specified it strips the detail catalogs for all objects of session with
specified SessionID. If both SessionID and ObjectName are specified it
strips the detail catalog of the object identified by ObjectName for the
session with specified SessionID. If no option is specified, it strips
catalogs on all data objects that are no longer protected

4. D:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\omnidbutil.exe -purge -filenames -force -> can take easily 10 hours , can take more depends on size IDB and when was the last time you run the command , timing can be checked by omnirpt -report db_purge_preview and the purge can be stopped by can be stopped by running omnidbutil -purge_stop , and started again by omnidbutil.exe -purge -filenames -force

5. D:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\omnidbutil.exe -purge -dcbf -> around 1 hour

6. omnidbutil -purge_failed_copies -> a few minutes
7. omnidbutil -fixmpos -> a few minutes

export/ import DB

8. Create an empty directory, c:\test\mmdb and c:\test\cdb -> the export in ascii can take 2 time the size of the IDB
9. Execute:
omnidbutil -writedb -mmdb c:\test\mmdb -cdb c:\test\cdb -> around 1 hour

10. Execute:
omnidbutil -readdb -mmdb r:\test\mmdb -cdb r:\test\cdb -> around 1 hour
Follow the on screen instructions. -> copy of dcbf and msg is normally not needed because the write will erase the old DB

11. omnidbutil -cdbsync 'FQN current DP cellmanager" -> a few minutes

12. omnidbutil -fixmpos -> a few minutes

Darren Etheridg
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Re: Data Protector IDB

The server is a RP7420 with minimal load. I have already performed the omnidbutil -purge filenames -force option.

In one of the last steps, the command to assign the FQDN; what command can I run b4 stripping the database to get the current FQDN, so I can reassign it to the name it started with?
Eblyn Solis
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Re: Data Protector IDB

Hi Darren,

Yes , you can see the name:
omnidbutil -show_cell_name
in orde to changed the idb name:
omnidbutil -change_cell_name new_name,

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Joerg Richter
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Re: Data Protector IDB

Just one correction:


There is no omnidbutil -change_cell_name <new_name>


The command


omnidbutil -change_cell_name [ old_host ] is taken the hostname from environment.


If you need to enforce a certain hostname as IDB owner like in cluster environments or on systems with multiple IP/hostnames you need to edit the cell_server file on a Unix Cell manager or the reg_key on a Windows Cell Manager


Afterwards run the command "omnidbutil -change_cell_name " again.