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Data Protector 6.20 & Data Domain 890 as NAS

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Data Protector 6.20 & Data Domain 890 as NAS

Hello DP Gurus,


I am working on a new BUR solution, the requirement is to use Data Protector 6.20 with EMC Data Domain 890. The data domain will present a NFS to the cell manager to perform backup to disk. (File Libraries)


I've been looking for a document (@HP & @EMC) with the best practices to use these products together with this configuration with no luck at all.


I was wondering if any of you guys have came across this problem or if you happen to know about any white paper or best practices document around.



Cell manager HP-UX 11i v3

DP 6.20

DataDomain 890 OS:


Thank you in advance guys/gals



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Re: Data Protector 6.20 & Data Domain 890 as NAS

There are some Data Protector specific information around at You need Powerlink access to enter this page. They include information on how to mount the NFS share and so on. HP does not provide any documents I'm aware of but the EMC/DataDomain docs include everything you need.




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Re: Data Protector 6.20 & Data Domain 890 as NAS

Great, I searched this doc last January with no luck, now it is there! I am attaching the document for the ones interested.


Thank you I accept your post as a solution.