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Data Protector 6.10 backups interfering with Microsoft SQL Full and Differential backups

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Andrew Kaplan
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Data Protector 6.10 backups interfering with Microsoft SQL Full and Differential backups

Hello --


We are running release 6.10 on an HP-UX cell manager. A typical backup involves going to a D2D, image, or VLS, incremental, library. After the initial backup is complete, a copy to LTO tape is subsequently done.


One of the client systems is a Microsoft Windows 2012 Standard x86_64 server that is running Microsoft SQL 2008R2 on it. The Full and Incremental backups that are done for the server includes the /CONFIGURATION and operating system, C:\, drive. Among the files that are included in these backups are the log files for the database server. These are not the .trn files that are affiliated with the database, rather these are the ones associated with the SQL Server application.


The database server does native Full, Differential, and Transaction log backups to another local drive. Weekly snapshots of the drive are done to two LeftHand systems, and are not included in the Data Protector backups.


I have been getting reports the database Differential backups periodically fail. I looked further into the issue, and according to colleagues that I have spoken to, it appears that Data Protector is using VSS handles. When I rescheduled the Data Protector full backup on a different night than the SQL Server Full backups, the SQL Differential backups completed successfully. 


My questions are the following:


1. Am I correct in saying that Data Protector uses VSS handles during its backups?


2. If the above is true, what step(s) can I take to have Data Protector be able to do its backups without interfering with

     the SQL Server jobs?



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Re: Data Protector 6.10 backups interfering with Microsoft SQL Full and Differential backups

Good Day Andrew


If i get you right, you are using HP Data Protector 6.10 and you have a client you backup on which Windows Server 2012 is running? Please be aware that DP 6.10 is not supported to backup windows server 2012 System.


1. if you enable the vss writer option during file system backup, dp does trigger the vss writers on the client. as far as i know this does result in accessing vss writers for sql, exchange and so one


2. you could disable vss for the file system backup, but normaly it is needed for dr purposes.

-> go to the file system backup from the sql server, in the tab "backup object summary" select the client, go to properties and check und "winfs options" if vss is selected. if yes, this would explain why sql vss writer is triggered during file system backup


Checked on a 2008 r2 Server system with SQL 2008 and DP 7.03. File System VSS option is activated. If you look at the dp session log from the drive on which the sql db resiedes, you can see vss entries for sql db backup. if you open sql server management studio, go to a db -> tasks -> restore -> restore files and file groups you can see all the backups taken. there you would notice also backups from dp. they should have status "copy only". this backup type does not interference with the full/trn backup you do with the sql maintenance plans.