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Data Protector 6.00 problems with MSL2024

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Data Protector 6.00 problems with MSL2024

I am having some problems with my backups using data protector.
I was using a Dell Library and now a new HP MSL2024 LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 SAS Library was installed.
It has an optional HP MSL LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 FC DRV Upg Kit.
The backups run well in the first two days.
After that Data Protector begin to mark the tapes "poor" and could not perform backups.
I try to format the tapes, use new tapes and also change the drive.
Problems disapers for 2 days but after that backups start to fail again.
I try to run HP LTT and upgrade firmware (the firmware was up-to-date), and also run the tests.
A message was reported:
"There are indications that the drive is experiencing a high polling rate on the SCSI Interface. This could be due to RSM or it could be due to another host. High polling rates can interrupt the normal operation of the drive, and significantly reduce performance."
One more thing: When i install the MSL, i configure my fibre infrastructure with one zone between the Cell Manager and the MSL.
2 days after i configure zones between MSL and the rest of the servers.
Could this be the cause? I have also remove those zones but the warning message still apears in HP LTT tests.



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Re: Data Protector 6.00 problems with MSL2024

If I've got this right, you removed the half-height Ultrium 1760 SAS and replaced it with a full-height Ultrium 1840 FC.

It's odd that you're on a two-day failure rotation... but... it's known that poorly-zoned FC SANS can cause lots of Windows test unit ready 'touches' of the tape drive, and those will interrupt a backup job, causing it to fail. So I'd first check to ensure that only the backup server and tape library are in the backup zone, and nothing else can see the library.

There's some good information in the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Backup Solutions Design Guide, particularly starting on page 109 that may help in your situation. Take a look and let me know if it helps. I know that there is also a service advisory that deals with some Windows parameters that can be set to help cut down on the polling and such... but I can't find it now.

HP EBS Design Guide:
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