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DP6.2 Clustered CM WIn2k8

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DP6.2 Clustered CM WIn2k8

Hi DP-ians

Trying to install DP6.2 on Windows Cluster. In the install and licensing guide, the screen shot shows that "Data protector" resource is created under cluster group(ie:BKPSRVCLUS). What is cluster group(2003 term) equivalent in win2008 as this term doesnt exist in 2008? What are the resources under this?

 "Virtual Name for the Cell Manager" field have the same name that appeared in cluster group (ie:BKPSRVCLUS)


Does that sounds right?




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Re: DP6.2 Clustered CM WIn2k8

If the failover cluster service is up and running, you need to add a clustered NTFS disk (e.g. O:), a file share on that disk (O:\OB2_Shared) to a access point you want to use for virtual Data Protector CS. (requires a virtual name and IP address) If everything is configured correctly, the cluster-aware setup will preselect those items for you.




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Re: DP6.2 Clustered CM WIn2k8

Thanks Sebastian

managed to get it working but couldnt find cell_info file under shared disk\programdata\config\cell


this is the first time installing DP clustered this file doesnt exist in cluster? wondering if installed correctly..


but failover/failback and test backup was ok..


Thanks again