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DP v8.x IDB recovery for disaster

Tim Nelson
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DP v8.x IDB recovery for disaster

In versions prior to v8, the method to recover the IDB was as follows

(based on the HP White Paper found here


1) Install DP CM on remote server 

2) configure file based library on server in remote location

3) run nightly IDB backup and send to remote file library

4) The IDB job includs a post-script to restore the IDB to a directory on the remote server

5) at time of disaster shutdown remote CM, copy db40 directory, re-assign IDB ownership

6) start DP on remote server and you now have an update DP catalog



With v8.x it does not look as simple.  The omnir -idb command looks a lot more involved and remote restoration may or may not be an option.


Having the DP IDB catalog is pretty much a requirement to start restores.


Does anyone have any experiences they are willing to share in recovering the IDB to a remote site in the event of a disaster ?








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Re: DP v8.x IDB recovery for disaster

With the new DP INternal Database, what you are looking to do is no longer an option


I looked at both publically-available, and INternal documentation to see if there is any way to do what you aare wanting to do, and found only this:


It is possible to restore backups for one cell manager to another by importing

media with valid IDB backups to another CM with following limitations:


All restored datalists related for backups on the original Cell Manager are no longer valid.

All clients from the original cell manager have to be exported and imported to new CM.

All devices from the original host and all datalist related to them are no longer valid if they are not moved to new CM.

The cell info file should not be restored to new cell manager


The same applies to the (DP_DATA_DIR/config/server/idb/) idb.config file.


Whike, in teh command line sypnosis, I do see '-target', reading teh command description does not show this at all, so, I am inclined to think that this is a mis-print


I am also seing a flaw in this statement:


"5) at time of disaster shutdown remote CM, copy db40 directory, re-assign IDB ownership"


THe IDB is now at 'db80', but, even given this, the DP 8 IDB is now an Integration, like Oracle and SQL, and we can't necessarily do things the way we used to


Tim Nelson
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Re: DP v8.x IDB recovery for disaster

Thank you for the reply Bob.


This is bad news, re-importing 1000s of media (VTL) is not an option for us.


This and the latest instabilty of VMware integrated backups is another reason I am currently evaluating a replacement solution.


In the interum I am looking at VMware replication of the CM.  Will follow up once my testing is completed.


Much appreciated.




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Re: DP v8.x IDB recovery for disaster

You should probably consider the 'omniofflr' command - enables restore of any type of Data Protector backup objects in the absence of operable Data Protector Internal Database (IDB), including the IDB itself (this command is available on systems with any Data Protector component installed).