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DP support SAID

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DP support SAID

Hello. In DP quickspecs is noted:

HP Software provides a portfolio of support offerings to meet your individual business needs:

HP Software Support 9x5
24x7 web-based intelligent response
Software patches, updates and upgrades
Phone-in 9x5
HP Software Support 24x7
Same as above but with 24x7 phone-in assistance
Rapid call-back for the most critical (Severity 1) problems


But I cannot find what I must purchase to get support and prices, some Part Numbers or smth else? Thank you, could'nt find this on big HP website. My country is Russia.


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Re: DP support SAID

You will to contact a HP sales person about this.  At minimum, you would need a Cell Manager-Single Drive license, p/n 6951 (UNIX) or 6961 (Windows).  The sales person probably has a pre-sales specialist to evaluate your backup needs and to help with you getting the licenses that you need


If you go to the web site

click on the 'Contact Us' button, there will be several ways to reach Sales.  They should be able to provie you with part numbers, and proces of the licenses and support contracts


Once you have purchased the licenses and support level, you will be issued a Software Agreement ID (SAID), from which you can log into the support site using HP Passport

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Re: DP support SAID

Thanks, Bob! Appreciate that.


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Re: DP support SAID

Please I need the portal in where I Can verify the tiem of support for my licences, How Icant visualized this

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Re: DP support SAID

Go to:

log with an HPE passport login

select service requests under dashboard menu on top of page

choose: submit a new service request

select type: investigate contract (if you want to know your said) or Contract renewal if you need to renew your support contract.