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DP - MYSQL backup agent problem

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DP - MYSQL backup agent problem

I defined a new linux server in DP, but it is not possible to run a MYSQL agent on him.
So I need to write a script that copy all MySql data on this server to folder which the DP will backup.

any idea how?

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Re: DP - MYSQL backup agent problem

Until HP starts supporting MySQL officially(an enhancement request QCCR2A44538 is considered),

you can use the Oracle recommendations:



To backup the MySQL database, first prepare the database by:

  •  Obtaining a read lock on all tables in slee_db, and
  •  Flushing all cached data to the database files.

After preparing the database, use one of the available MySQL backup scripts, such as mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy, to create an offline copy of the database. The exact tool and procedure you use depends on the type of database you have created (InnoDB, MyISAM, ISAM). See the MySQL Developer Zone to determine which backup utility and strategy best meets your needs.

You may also consider using the --log-bin option when starting MySQL to record database updates in a binary log file. The binary log acts as an incremental backup, and it can be applied to the a full database backup to restore the database to a more recent point in time."


Re: DP - MYSQL backup agent problem

thank you, for the following the script i use is :
mysqldump --database ***--events -f --add-lock --compress > mobileSchemaBackFile__$date.sql