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DP 8.12 patch bundle

Ken Krubsack
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DP 8.12 patch bundle

Any and all readers,


Any early thoughts on DP 8.12 bundle being good, bad, or otherwise?




Arnaud Delaloy
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Re: DP 8.12 patch bundle



 The main feature advertised for this bundle  is a massive localisation fix, for Chinese, Japanese and French versions (and according to the release notes there is some VEPA fixes too)


 And it didn't break my French messages files... ( unlike 7.03, where all messages number and texts  were off by one !)

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Re: DP 8.12 patch bundle

Well I don't know about anyone else but after installing this bundle I trashed a prodution VM when restoring using the "Restore As/Into..." - it completely ignored this option (which when set should also automatically set the existing virtual machine handling parameter to skip restore) and proceeded to overwrite the production VM.


So far I've reproduced this in a vSphere 5.0 environment - CM windows 2008 R2 & BH Windows 2008 R2 - and I've discovered that if I use the same container name with a - or _ at the end followed by restored or similar (e.g. VM container = TESTVM and restore as/into is set to TESTVM-RESTORED or TESTVM_RESTORED) then the "restore into" option is completely ignored and the "existing virtual machine handling" setting is used - which at present is default "delete after restore"


Workaround is to never use - or _ e.g. VM container = TESTVM and restore as/into is set to TESTVMRESTORED or RESTORETESTVM or similar


Anybody else seen this??????


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Re: DP 8.12 patch bundle

Any update to this?  I hadn't seen it but also hadn't been using either '-' or '_' in naming