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DP 7.03 and SQL 2k8 Cluster

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Sean Dale
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DP 7.03 and SQL 2k8 Cluster

I am not able to do an integrated backup of a new SQL2k8R2 cluster.  I CAN do a filesystem backup.  When I try to configure a DB backup, the pull-down menu (client) under application hangs.  If I manually create all of the backup config files, it still fails.


I have the registry entry for clustering on both nodes.

I ran the installer locally as administrator

I installed as cluster-aware on both nodes

I am using a domain account to run inet

The domain acct is a local admin on both nodes

The domain acct is in the ADMIN group on the cell mgr

The domain acct is in the sysadmin role in SQL Mgt Studio

I was able to import both nodes and the cluster


When running chkconf, I DO NOT get a retval 0, nothing returns


Any ideas???



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Sean Dale
Frequent Visitor

Re: DP 7.03 and SQL 2k8 Cluster

The cluster is Windows 2012 Data Center

SQL is 2k8R2

Cell Mgr is 2k3 SP2

DP is 7.03

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HPE Expert

Re: DP 7.03 and SQL 2k8 Cluster

Per the DP 7.x support matrix     pg 8-9


this is an unsupported configuration, running on Windows 2012


At the current time, only SQL Server 2012 is supported to run on Windows 2012 (NOT R2!!) with DP 7


I checked the support matrix for DP 8, and this configuration is supported.  I woulkd caution you about upgrading to DP 8, it still has its issues with the new IDB among other things.  You may want to submit an enhancement request to have your configuration supported with DP 7.03


HP Passport is required to submit an Enhancement REquest

Sean Dale
Frequent Visitor

Re: DP 7.03 and SQL 2k8 Cluster

Looks like I need to either upgrade SQL to 2012 or go with the latest DP.  Our cell mgr is currently Win2k3 64 bit which means I have to upgrade it to 2k8 before I can go to DP8.  Upgrading the cell mgr OS and then the entire backup env to dp8 sounds like a lot of fun, but, I like a challenge!  Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.

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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event