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DP 6.11 Slow MSSQL Restore

Lois Morrett
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DP 6.11 Slow MSSQL Restore

Every night I backup and restore a sql database from a core server to the dmz for external users to access. The backup of the database is running excellent (1.5 hours for 177 gig of data) but the restore is running for 6 hours at night.


Cell manager is 2008 R2

Media Agent is 2008 Standard

DMZ server is 2003 R2 with SQL 2005


Any ideas on how to speed up this restore? The backup is done to my VLS and as soon as the backup is finished the restore starts from the VLS to the DMZ server. The and iis services are stopped before the restore takes place.


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Re: DP 6.11 Slow MSSQL Restore

I'm curious. If you say the restore target is located in a DMZ, this makes me think of at least a single firewall between media agent and disk agent. Am I right? If this is the case, I would encourage you to place a media agent inside the DMZ to have direct restore performance by bypassing the firewalls completely.

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