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DB2 Integration urgent !!! need help

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DB2 Integration urgent !!! need help


Hi all,


 My DB2 integration was working fine all the while . Suddenly I cannot browse the "db" (expand) from the backup specs created. It throws an error saying that : 


Decription: Configuration file cannot be accessed.This message means that the Cell Mana\ger daemon cannnot read or write from certain configuration file.


Actions : Check if the appropriate file exists in the Data Protector Directory". 


I have checked the /etc/opt/omni/server/config and its empty. 


Anybody know wat could have happened to the configuration file .???


Thanks a lot for the help in advance 


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Re: DB2 Integration urgent !!! need help

The configuration file is located in /etc/opt/omni/server/config/barschedules/db2 on your CS and if it does not exist, the backup job would no longer be displayed in the GUI. Check the permissions of the directory structure and see if the file is readable and if the syntax looks fine. Would be best to restore the file from IDB backup or recreate the backup job.




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