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Backup of video/pictures (file stream) server

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Backup of video/pictures (file stream) server

Hi All,


We are in process of configuring the backup of file stream application/server like or youtube so please suggest what are the best possible configurations for such setup where the data modification(insertion and deletion) on per day basis is around 30-40GB


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Re: Backup of video/pictures (file stream) server



Hmm good question. IT depends i think. Are those big video files or more small files? is it a virtual machine where the files are stored? if yes, hyper v or esx?


if there are a lot of smaller video files and the system is a virtual machine, i would say go with vepa integration and do a backup on image level with change block tracking. this would be faster than backing up many files


if there are bigger files, you could also go with traditional backup (agent based).


if there are a lot of old video files, you could use dedup (storeonce) to reduce space on bakcup storage