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Backup of file system with 4096 sector size


Backup of file system with 4096 sector size

Most disks us a sector size of 512 bytes and my Data Protector works fine with these.  But we now have a disk system in the lab that uses a 4096 byte sector size.  HP-UX 11.31 has no problem using this disk space and puting a  VXFS file system on it. All looks and works well at the system level until I try to back it up with Data Protector.  I have tried to back it up with both 6.11 and 6.20 with the same results.  Currently my copy of 6.20 does have the PHSS_42087 disk agent patch installed.  Below is a sample of the message from DP:


[Minor] From: VBDA@hptest1 "/violin_test_2"  Time: 12/22/2011 8:35:11 AM
[81:78]      /violin_test_2/omni.tar
    Cannot read 261272 bytes at offset 0: ([22] Invalid argument).



What do I need to do/change to get this to backup correctly?


Thanks for any help!


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Re: Backup of file system with 4096 sector size

Log an case/enhancement request on to have this fixed. I've seen similar issues with Windows Server Backup on Windows 2008 R2.

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