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Autoloader slots relationship

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Hakki Aydin Uca

Autoloader slots relationship

How can I be sure which slots belonging to which media ? I know if I get a mount request message due to empty slot, I can move the correct cartridge to the empty slot if I know the dedicated media , but I ma not sure which slot belongs to which media ?


Any comment will be appreciated.

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Re: Autoloader slots relationship

Hi there,


Fine, i will try to find out your problem's solution.



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Re: Autoloader slots relationship

if i got your question right, you need to make sure that you have an updated slot information for your autoloader when the backup starts?


if you have an autoloader without barcode reader, you cound use omnimm command to do a repositroy Update.


omnimm -repository_update "devicename-from-autoloader"


so if you have a device called "LT5" in your autoloader the command is like


omnimm -repository_update "LTO5"


what this command does, is to do a scan on all slots and so for all media in those slots. If you have an 8 slot autoloader, i would say it takes about 5-10minutes. you could schedule this command before every nights backup to make sure that you have an up to date repository in dp when the backup starts


hope this helps

Hakki Aydin Uca

Re: Autoloader slots relationship

No , it is not  what I m looking for, just to know slot information, which slot belongs to which media pool . The only way I found to see it ,when I format a new media I can enter the slot number on Data Protector as far.

But I do not know how to find already registered/formatted media belong to which slot so that I can move from the right slot onto driver in my case.

Hakki Aydin Uca

Re: Autoloader slots relationship

by the way , I found solution I m looking for;
# /opt/omni/bin/omnimm –list_scratch_media <media_name>
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event