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Adding DMZ client node to backup

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Adding DMZ client node to backup

Hi All,


I have unique problem while configuring oracle backup for one of the DMZ client server.



While configuring oracle database backup  for one of the DMZ server, i am receiving below error message :


12:1602: "Cannot access the cell manager system,

cell manager host is not reachable or is not up and running.


Troubleshooting steps performed:

1. Ping and telnet is happening fine from cell manager server to client server.

2. DNS entries are added,

3.All other backup's are running fine on the same cell manager.

4. Ping is happening from client server to cell manager, however telnet fails on port 5555

5. Network team have enabled all the required ports for communication.

6. Reinstalled the oracle integration agents.

7. xinetd services are restarted on client node.

8. DMZ port range is also added in the omnirc file .


More sensible point here is : File system backup of  client server is happening fine, only configuring the oracle database backup fails.


Error message is attached for reference:


Kindly add your valuable comments ,

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Re: Adding DMZ client node to backup



apart from TCP 5555 from Cell Server to DMZ Client, you need as you already might know, data ports from DMZ to Media Agent AND crs / xMA Port from DMZ Server to Cell server. crs and xsm are required aditional for integration backup. those two port ranges are not required for file backup


what entries do you have in your omnirc file on the cell server under "OB2PORTRANGESPEC"?

if you have xMA-NET:<range> then you also have to add CRS and xSM. So it could look like this




Hope this helps


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Re: Adding DMZ client node to backup

I think that you need to figure out why this is failing:


telnet fails on port 5555



Actually, if this was the problem, not even file system backups would be running.  Does the


             telnet CM_hostname


also fail?


You didn't specify what the OS-type of the Oracle server is, but,  I think that it would be a good idea to check the configuration file




Check the last couple of lines to see if there is an entry for 'omni'


Check the last couple of lines to see if there is an entry for 'omni




Look for a file named 'omni'


Check the last couple of lines to see if there is an entry for 'omni


While you are in the Services file, check to be sure that no other application is using the port 5555


go to Services, and be sure that there is a 'telnet' service running


Being in a DMZ should not prevent you from doing a connection to TCP using port 5555, it will just keep any data from being transferred