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Can anyone advise whether a document that is used as a 'working document' in a TRIM workflow can be stored with the workflow on completion of the workflow (ie as a single record). I would have thought they should be two separate records since they are capturing different business events. Thoughts  

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Re: Workflow

If, in the definition of your workflow (Properties from the Workflow Editor menu system), you've selected "Treat Initiating Record as Working Document" then the initiating record is what is associated with the workflow.  In this scenario there is actually only one record in TRIM.


However, if you've defined some activity to have a new working document and you've also got an initiating record, then you'll end up with two records in TRIM at the end (the initiator and the working document).


If you're using the Workflow module to create several records then you should be initiating the workflow with a container/folder and setting the treatment to "Replace as default container".  Then all working documents will at least be placed in the same folder by default.