Workflow Import/Export

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Workflow Import/Export

When you export a workflow it geneates an XML file that contains all of the settings used in the workflow.  But when you later import that some of the settings are lost.  Specifically the assignee of each activity and the listing of reference documents.  This behavior exists within both 6R2 and 7.1.


Anyone know why?  It's really annoying when you have many many steps you model out in a development envirnoment and then have to re-do lots of it in production.


Also, if you import a workflow that has referenced documents and then click save... you always get a referential integrity error.  Though if you do a save-as you don't.


I hope HP puts more time into the workflow engine!


Re: Workflow Import/Export

I completely agree with Erik's comments regarding the downfalls of exporting / importing workflows.  It is very time-consuming and sometimes just easier to simply re-create the workflow from scratch.


I would also second his comment that additional work should go into enhancing the functionality of the workflow module.  It's already proving to be a great resource for us - but there are some small fixes that could serious enhance the effectiveness of the application.

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Re: Workflow Import/Export

Yep, we're turning a lot of customers on to it.


We did have a recent bad experience with it, where a bug with labels caused the entire workflow system to become corrupt, and HP took 3 weeks to tell us to do a reindex, and "it's not a bug".


It is a really good product, I just hope that all the patting ourselves on the back about Autonomy doesn't neglect the good things that existed before that..