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We are using TRIM 6.1. Recently we migrated approx 150000 record to one of our dataset. We are now facing an issue while searching a new record created in TRIM. We have also recreated the full word index but still whenever we are creating a new record and try searching that record with its Title word immediately after creation of record, it says no record found. Record only appears after 4-5 minutes.


Is this something to do with volume of data or known version issue? Can you please help on this?




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Re: Word Index search

When a record is created in TRIM, you create a Word Indexing event that needs to be processed by the TRIM Event Processor.


There is a minimum 2 minute delay before an event is processed and then if you have a backlog of events it will take even longer.


What you are seeing is normal and 4-5 minutes is pretty standard for a large database.



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Re: Word Index search

Importing 150,000 records probably created about a million events of different types for the event processor. It's probably still catching up, hence might be slowing down events like word indexing. Look at the Monitor Activity window  for the event processor in TRIM Enterprise Studio and you'll see if there's still a big backlog.


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